• Top Junior

    Complete food for puppies.
    Ideal for a healthy
    and balanced growth.

    formato20kg-topjunior formato20kg-topjunior

  • Top Junior - Cibo per cani cuccioli per una sana crescita

  • Ingredients: dehydrated meat proteins, extruded starches, pork lard, gluten, magnesium, vitamin mixture, optimizer supplement.

  • Prepared with quality raw materials, Top Junior is a complete and balanced food, that supplies all the nutritional substances essential for the puppy’s energy demand and healthy growth. It is highly recommended also for pregnant or breastfeeding females. 
Each single component is cooked separately at the appropriate temperature, maintaining the organoleptic properties unaltered; this confers appetibility, digestibility and a good assimilation to the product.

Dosage and composition

Dog weight (kg)
Months 1-3 3-5 5-10 10-15 15-20 20-25 25-35 35-45
Daily dosage
2-3 80-170 170-240 240-380 380-495 495-600
3-4 75-155 155-220 220-355 355-465 465-560 560-650 650-815
4-7 50-100 100-145 145-225 225-300 300-360 360-420 420-525 525-620
7-12 210-255 255-300 300-375 375-440
12-14 270-340 340-400
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  • Component %
    Raw protein 23,00
    Oils and raw fats 17,00
    Raw fiber 3,00
    Raw ashes 6,00
    Umidity 7,00

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