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    Puppy? Lively? Overweight?
    Top Line has the right food for every type of dog.

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  • Top Energy, alimento per cani con normale o intensa attività fisica

    Top Energy

    For dogs having normal or intense physical activity.

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  • Top Junior, alimento predigerito per la crescita del cucciolo

    Top Junior

    Studied for the puppy’s healthy growth.

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  • Top Fish, alimento per cani per un pelo brillante e una cute sana

    Top Fish

    Brilliant performance and shiny coat.

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  • Top Light, alimento per cani a riposo che tendono ad ingrassare o anziani

    Top Light

    Suitable for dogs at rest or old dogs.

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  • Top Regular, alimento per cani adulti di tutte le razze

    Top Regular

    Food for adult dogs of all breeds.

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Key points
of the Top Line products

  • Complete and balanced foods that provide all the essential nutrients for the dog’s well-being.

    Our foods are of high quality, complete and balanced, for dogs of all sizes, who carry out intense, normal or limited physical activity.
    They are produced only with selected raw materials, checked at the origin, of excellent quality, treated specifically and sterilized.
    Each single component is cooked separately and at the right temperature, keeping the organoleptic properties of the product unchanged, which thus acquires a great palatability, a high digestibility, a remarkable assimilation with a significant reduction in the volume of the stool.

    Thanks to both the quality of the raw materials and the particular processing technique, our products have the advantage of being highly digestible, thus allowing the dog to always have a clean skin and a shiny coat, constantly providing the right calorie and protein intake. and vitamin, of fundamental importance for a healthy and correct diet. The noble proteins contained have been carefully selected for their very high quality.

    The level of carbohydrates and fats present guarantees the right supply of highly digestible energy.
    The fibers present favor the removal of toxins and help to keep the dog’s intestines clean and healthy.

    • Balanced food
    • High quality
    • Extremely appetizing
    • Highly digestible
    • Remarkably assimilable, about 85-90%
    • Significantly compact to reduce the amount of faeces
    • Reduced daily ration
    • Time and money saved in meal preparation

Commitment to research, development and quality.

This make the difference.

  • Vitaminic integration

  • Vitamin supplementation and mineral salts help protect the dog’s body.
    Vitamins and minerals are added only in the terminal phase of processing and cold, thus making their contribution significantly effective.

    Vitamins present in Top Line products…