Vitaminic integration

  • Vitaminic integration

    The vitamins present in Top Line foods help protect the dog’s body.

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Vitamins and minerals are added only in the terminal phase of processing, with cold process, thus making their contribution significantly effective.

What vitamins and minerals are useful for

  • Calcium and Phosphorus
    are indispensable for the dog’s bone structure integrity and functionality.

    Vitamin D3
    ensures optimum calcium and phosphorus assimilation.

    Vitamin A
    covers an important role in visual faculty and the formation and preservation of epithelial tissues.

    Vitamin C
    which is needed for healthy connective tissues, facilitates wound healing and helps the organism to defend itself from infections; it also increases iron absorption.

    Vitamin E
    enhances the natural body defence systems against the action of free radicals which are the main cause of ageing processes.

  • Vitamin H
    has protective effects on the dog’s hair and skin.

    Vitamin B complex and Vitamin PP
    are important for the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and keep the dog’s hair and skin healty; moreover, they contribute to the correct function of the nervous system.

    Vitamin K
    has haemostatic properties.